Request Status Definitions

Awaiting Customer Contact
The requested material has arrived and is ready for pickup. The patron is being notified.
Awaiting Conditional Processing
A potential lender has replied to your request, seeking more information. ILL is responding.
Awaiting Post Receipt Processing
The requested material has arrived, but not yet ready for pickup.
Awaiting Return Label Processing
The item has been returned to ILL and is waiting for return processing by ILL staff.
Awaiting Unfilled Processing
Your request has not been filled by potential lenders. ILL is trying other sources.
Cancelled by Customer
The request has been cancelled by the customer.
Cancelled by ILL Staff
The request was cancelled by ILL staff and an email of this cancellation has been sent. The reason for cancellation is noted in the email and within the customer's ILLiad account.
Checked out by Customer
The item has arrived, been processed by ILL staff and has been checked out to the customer.
Delivered to Web
The received item has been processed and is available through the customer's ILLiad web page for viewing or downloading.
In Electronic Delivery Processing
The article has arrived and is being processed for delivery to the web. The customer will be notified shortly.
In Process
ILL has received your request and is locating potential lenders.
In Transit from Customer
The request has been returned to a circulation point and is in transit to Wilson Library for return processing.
In Transit to Pickup Location
The item has been processed by ILL Staff and is being sent to the customer's specified campus library for pickup.
Ready For Pickup
The item has arrived, been processed by ILL staff and the customer has been notified by e-mail.
Request Finished
The request has been successfully processed and completed.
Request Sent
ILL staff has forwarded your request to potential lenders and is waiting for them to ship the item.

If the status you are looking for is not listed, please contact the ILL office at or call 612-624-1806 for more information.